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Think about this for a moment:

What is the ONE THING that impacts on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE; no matter where you go, whether you are alone or with others; no matter what time of the day or night it is?

Some people might think, "Money. Money impacts on everything in my life" others might say, "Friends and family; these are the things that impact on everything in my life" and another perception (among others) might be, "Work. My work impacts on everything in my life". While these things are certainly important and significantly influential it is not true that any of them impact on every moment; day or night... what IS with you no matter who you are with, what you are doing and what time or the day or night it is, is your feeling state.

It is how you are feeling that impacts on everything else in your life.

We can all relate to feeling "good" and "bad"; motivated or tired and angry or peaceful. These are all descriptions of perception in relation to how we are feeling. Our feeling state (or "mood") impacts on our thoughts and choices and ultimately determines whether or not we are enjoying our experience. Most people would agree this is pretty important. We could be at the most expensive restaurant or the most esteemed social event but if we are not feeling good we will not enjoy it. What determines our feeling state is our current energetic state.

What people who pay attention to the body begin to notice is that the better it works, the better we feel and the better we feel; the better the body works. It is all related to our energy. The amount of energy that we have is determined by how efficiently our body and mind is operating and what determines this is our body systems. Our body systems are ultimately driven by our brain and DNA so fundamentally, to bring our body and mind into higher function so that we have more energy and can enjoy our experience more consistently, we must increase the functional capacity of our brain and DNA. This is a process called Bioregenesis.

What Is “Bioregenesis”?

Bio is a word that generally refers to life (“biology” is the science of studying the nature of life forms) and “regenesis” means a rebirth or renewal (genesis literally means creation). So bioregenesis literally means a re-creation, re-birth or renewal of the life form.

Most of us have heard that we as contemporary human beings only use less than 10% of our brain yet few of us contemplate what this actually means for us in our lives. We are also aware that the DNA is the blueprint for life, containing the information by which cellular replication occurs. It is also said that up to 97% of the DNA is not being coded for cellular replication (“Junk DNA”). Therefore, when it comes to the human being, bioregenesis essentially refers to the re-connecting and reactivation of the dormant (“non-coding”) DNA within the body cells and the progressive restoration and awakening of the dormant sections of the brain.

How Would I benefit From Undertaking Bioregenesis?

The organ that facilitates our mind, operates our body, programs our DNA and records all of our behavioural patterns (which collectively equal our current life experience and personality) is our brain. It is therefore the most vital place to have functional if we desire to perform at our best and create a healthy life that is most fulfilling and enjoyable to us.

If anything is not functioning correctly within the body, it is related to what is not functioning correctly within the brain and mind and thereby, DNA too as all else within the body is programmed by these things. Further, if we have a problem in our life this also relates directly to our brain and mind as these things determine our perception. It is not accurate to say that ‘problems’ exist per se as ultimately it is a matter of perception. What is a problem for one person may not be one for the next; the difference is in how we think and what we choose to believe is true. If the tool by which we do our thinking and manage our beliefs is only operating at 10% we can be sure to have many problems as our capacity to overcome them will be equally dysfunctional. In short, all problems in our life – both inside the body and outside the body – can be overcome through bioregenesis. Solving health issues and problems in our life however, are just an initial benefit of bioregenesis. Regarding what is possible to achieve through bioregenesis; most people would not believe it if it were mentioned here (ironically) as the general perception of possibility is so limited. The following pages will reveal to a degree, the potential possibilities for those undertaking bioregenesis and brain restoration.

What Does the Process of Bioregenesis Involve?

There are three main areas to address: Body, Mind and Spirit. These are the basic components of the human being. The Body is what is physical; what we can see and tangibly measure with our sciences. The Mind is non-material, although it does represent itself in the neural networks of our brain and coding within the DNA. The ‘Spirit’ in modern terms may more suitably be called our consciousness. This is the awareness of being alive that we have; the Self that is choosing what to do with the Mind and the Body.

Because each component of the system is effected by the other components, we benefit from addressing them all if we are to be most successful with regenerating the system (a ‘holistic approach’). On the body level this involves; healthy nutrition, getting the right amount of activity and exercise (and the most suitable exercise) to stimulate healthy adaptation and also getting enough sleep to allow these beneficial changes to take place efficiently. At the level of the Mind bioregenesis involves being willing to change beliefs, habits and behaviours that do not serve our highest good and freedom as well as overcoming all unconscious emotional discord that is keeping our mood state on a roller-coaster of ups and downs. At the level of Spirit bioregenesis involves the accretion of more consciousness into our body-mind system. To achieve this successfully we require to learn a scientific (time-tested and proven) technique to facilitate this as well as clearing all energetic blockages that prevent our consciousness from expanding and opening into the fullness of our true potential.

To find out more about each of the Essential Components click on the pictures above or corresponding tabs in the navigation bar.